Playing with The Mark Of Cain.

So I haven’t been posting much on here, or anything else lately. A lot of that is due to a lack of time and ability to talk about everything that has been going on. 
Thankfully, I can now blog about what’s been happening in my career lately, which is all very exciting.

The short of it; Not only am I embarking on my first National Tour in March, but I’m doing it with The Mark Of Cain. How ridiculous is that? 

It began months ago, having coffee with John Scott, discussing our plans for the Sydney Opera House. He brought up the concept of helping them get ready for touring while their drummer, John Stanier, was busy. The idea of slotting in for a few rehearsals sounded like fun and a great chance to play with some Adelaide legends and sit in for one of the best Rock Drummer’s in the world. 

After a few weeks spent writing out and learning some of the tricker tunes and getting my head around Songs of Third & Fifth, it became clear that Stanier was committed to touring elsewhere and a fill-in was needed. The concept of being ‘that guy’ was a bit too far to fathom, but I set to work transcribing and learning -everything-.
Starting with the Songs of Third & Fifth album and working through the majority of This is This & Ill at Ease, weeks of transcription a lot of time spent on the kit, I tell you that is a lot of songs to learn.

We’ve been jamming for a number of months now, getting tight and ironing out all the wrinkles. The hardest part for me is memorising all of the new information. For John & Kim, the new songs are the only foreign material. For me, it’s all of it. It’s pretty awesome watching these guys playing their old tunes almost entirely from muscle memory. That’s what a good amount of practice will do for you, kids.

It’s pretty daunting playing in a band that’s been playing music longer than you’ve been alive. Add to that, John Stanier is an incredible and highly regarded player all around the world, and that’s the guy I’m trying to somewhat-‘replicate’.
It’s a hell of a challenge. I’m loving it. 

The drumming is Intense, Bludgeoning and, dare I say it, Balls to the wall. These tunes kick my ass on a daily basis. It makes Life Pilot drum parts feel like smooth ballads. 

Seeing my name plastered on websites and being named on national radio is an extremely strange feeling. It’s exciting to say the least!
This is a ridiculous opportunity and I’m extremely lucky. But I’m not going to waste it and I’m going to enjoy every second of the tour like I’ve enjoyed every second of the process so far.

The tour kicks off on March 8th at HQ Adelaide, ending in Sydney on the 23rd.
I encourage you all to come and be a part of the tour & grab a copy of Songs of Third & Fifth. It’s an amazing album that I’ve had the utmost pleasure listening to it on constant repeat, and even more pleasure playing with the band. 



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